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Fred Fisher

The Heart of a Master

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Renaissance man --- though sorely overused, the term remains one that best describes Fred F. Fisher. What better term reflects the essence of a man who paints with the deft of an old master, pens award winning poetry and composes music.

In 1929 in the midst of a great depression, a young Polish immigrant embraced his new home in America. Eventually the World War II veteran would obtain his U.S. citizenship while in the service of his country. Fred’s tour of duty took him to Africa and Europe, landing him on Omaha Beach during the dreaded Normandy invasion.

In 1942 Fred took Edith Delano, his life long bride. He supported his family while working at Carrier Corp in Syracuse, NY as a data processing computer operator. His avocation would wait until his retirement in the 1960’s.

Fred began painting in his forties. He cited patience as a virtue that enabled him to achieve his artistic potential. An older, wiser man has shed much baggage on the road to maturity. Having done so affords one the luxury of focus. What a precious gift for an artist.

Not one to jump blindly without thought or preparation, Fred enrolled at Onondaga Community College, declaring his major in art. The rest is history --- his voracious appetite for art prompted him to study the old and contemporary masters. He found it impossible to restrict his interpretation of art to any one style, immersing himself in impressionism, realism and abstract. He believed that art thrives on change and is not fettered to a particular style or technique. In his ‘view of art’, Fred wrote, “I feel as much at home painting a landscape as I do creating a still life, wildlife, figure or a portrait. Contrary to popular belief, I have learned that despite the freedom and apparent ease an abstract painting projects to the viewer, in its execution, it is perhaps the most difficult to paint.”

Somewhere in the recesses of Fred’s brain lurked childhood memories of Poland. Recollection of the beautiful countryside rich in color and texture would visit and unite with many of the renderings he executed.

Fred originated a form of painting for which he coined the word “Callimetric”. This form of painting combines the calligraphic and geometric lines on a given surface and is best interpreted as abstract art.

Fred revered the masters. He studied Corot, Picasso, Kandinsky, Renoir, Rembrant, Pissarro, Utrillo, Van Gogh, Monet, and Pollack. On those rare occasions when he succumbed to every artist’s temptation to recreate an existing masterpiece, he duly noted the copy status and further refrained from signing the painting. His library of art books stands as a testament to his determination to “get it right”. Worn and finger printed with paint, books were his constant companions at the easel. He poured over volumes, underlining hints on technique and noting the philosophy, joy and despair of the masters. While Fred credited God with his talent, it was a legion of artists who provided the inspiration.

Although Fred’s mastery of technique, color, perspective and execution earned him high regard, a string of one man shows and inclusion in corporate collections, he regarded his paintings in much the same manner as a jealous father regards his children … he had none to spare. Usually at the insistence of his wife, Fred would ‘adopt’ one out for the purpose of purchasing more paints, brushes and canvases. Refusing to be deterred or interrupted by the lack of canvases, he utilized masonite, ceiling tiles, board, glass, etc. as the repository for the precious oils. The magnificent obsession occupied his days, consumed his evenings and oft times took him into the dawn of a new day.

Fred enjoyed golf, fishing and photography. On the intermittent occasions that he put down his brushes and took pen in hand, he crafted noteworthy, award winning poetry and musical compositions. The myriad of talents never left the multi-talented man conflicted. He was born to paint.

In 2008, on the morning after Christmas, Fred Fisher was reunited with his Creator. Sadly, it was not until Fred’s death that the depth and breadth of his talent emerged. Estate appraisers were in awe of the body of work. Prolific, varied and masterfully executed, it was astonishing to attribute the entire collection to one man. Respected appraisers agreed that Fred Fisher would take his place among the most important artists of Central New York.

Fred wrote, “There is a fulfillment in producing an object of your making; it will be there long after you are gone to inspire others to art and the rewards it offers.”

Fred’s only son Brian found himself the sole beneficiary of nearly 40 passionate years at the easel. His initial inclination to hoard the enormous body of work was overridden by the desire to share his father’s work and earn him the recognition he so richly deserved. A worn and tattered album is among Brian’s most treasured possessions, brimming with blue ribbons, awards, letters, and newspaper articles. One of Fred’s most prized was his participation in 1984 at the Paris American Academy and inclusion in a collection that previewed at the Everson Museum of art in Syracuse, NY in 1989.

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The entire Art Collection is available at Brian’s Art Gallery in Syracuse, NY. Local response was immediate and overwhelming – National response inevitable. Fred would be proud that as a result of his son’s vision and the efforts of Brian’s Art Gallery, the fruits of his labor will benefit countless charities. The compassionate artist continues to give.


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